​I am Not A Fool To Give Back My National Awards:Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj while addressing the media spoke against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that he wasn’t happy with the silence of our Prime Minister. Since his speech was in Kannada, some media have apparently misquoted what he said.

Now Prakash Raj has given a formal explanation to the whole issue: “All I could do is laugh when I see these scrolls in Television channels. I am not a fool to give back my National Awards which has been given to me for my body of work and which I am proud of. Well coming to the point, I would like to explain few things.

I Was on a stage addressing a group of youngsters; there was a discussion about the killing of Gauri Lankesh and other killings that shocked us. We don’t know who killed them, but we can see who is celebrating. I am pained and I am taken aback by the celebration of inhuman killing, and I just vented out my anger at those people who are celebrating.

When such killings are celebrated and the Prime Minister of the country decides to remain silent about the issue. That silence hurts me. This is what I said, and I have a right to say this. It is that simple as that. All this hype saying Prakash Raj is going to reject his National Awards as a protest against the government is something I did not say. What’s said and what’s not said. For all out there .. thank you”

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