​Rakul Riding On A Rickshaw First Time

Punjab Beauty Rakul Preet, riding a cycle rickshaw for the first time for her upcoming Tamil film “Theeran Adhigaram Ondru“, was a fun affair. Although she has never attempted to ride a cycle rickshaw in the past, she was not hesitant at all when she was asked to ride one for a song sequence for the film.

Speaking about the experience Rakul said, “The rickshaw driver was really nervous about me riding his rickshaw. He came to me at least five times to show me where the break was as it was not a regular one. He just wanted to be sure that I don’t ram into something. It was a fun experience. I really enjoyed peddling the cycle rickshaw around with Karthi and rickshaw driver sitting in the passenger seat.”
​Rakul Riding On A Rickshaw First Time,​Rakul

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