Ileana finally tells her age

ileanaGoan Beauty Ileana debuted in Tollywood, it’s publicised that she’s 16 year old, but actually she’s 20 year old back then who has has finished her Degree as well. Just in case you’re wondering here’s the proof.

“Workin on my tannn! Few more hours to 30!!! #nofilterneeded #balisunsets #sunseasand #turningthirty #cantwait”, posted Ileana on her social networking page. That means she’s either entering 30 or completing 30 tomorrow, which makes her year of birth as 1987 or 1986. That’s how Ileana’s true age has come out.

Needless to say, even at 30, Ileana is still hot with her waisty-looks.

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