6 Indian films were officially selected to Cannes

cannes6 Indian films were officially selected but non of them could make it in Cannes 2016 ! At Least in 2017 TS govt should take initiative to select a few good movies, send to Cannes & target awards & rewards ..
The government should approve the scripts at the beginning itself & support with funding or co producing such movies which has  good content with aesthetic values . Only then the films made in Telangana can get official entries in prestigious film festivals like Cannes.
Otherwise people have to take part in Cannes film market rather than Cannes film festival by paying money to show their picture & desperately wait for some distribute to come forward to buy it. If no one comes forward to buy then it becomes a fruitless expenditure because such films which are paid for film market are not eligible to take part in the International Cannes festival.
Therefore, I appeal the government to take initiative to encourage the best standardised film making & make us eligible to compete with the world.
– Syed Rafi

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