A Case Filed Against Prakash Raj For Talking Against PM Modi

Noted actor Prakash Raj has recently spoken about the death of the famous journalist, Gauri Lankesh and had asked as to why the Prime Minister is keeping quiet about it. He also spoke about how people are going around acting as if nothing has taken place and that he would like to give his National awards to them for their acting.

His statement was misinterpreted by many journalists and it was reported that Prakash Raj would be returning his National awards fighting against the killing of Gauri Lankesh. He then trashed the reports by saying he is not a ‘fool’ to return them as he received them for his body of work. Now, there has been a complaint that has been lodged against the actor by a lawyer in Lucknow for his words against the PM of India, Narendra Modi.

Prakash Raj included the PM and said they are acting as if nothing has happened and that he needs to stop being silent about it. This complaint is to be heard in court on the 7th of October. For further updates on this issue, stay tuned.

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