A poster that is banned creating sensation now

Poster-banned-for-having-sexual-contentDespite of heroine’s extreme skin show these days, hot smooches between hero and heroines , our Indian cinema’s censor board still has its won rules and regulations which will never spare anyone who violates them. And here is one such example for it. The recently released poster of Bollywood upcoming film Hunterr is banned. Hunterrr is an adult comedy movie that tells the story of a boy’s obsession with sex.The film stars Legend heroine Radhika Apte as one of the female leads. It revolves around the theme of sexual obsession of a guy from his childhood to adulthood.

Few days back a poster from the film was unveiled and it crested sort of sensation as it has filled with sexual content. In the poster the lead hero is seen with three women and the foursome emerging from a banana.

As the poster raises curiosity among people makers of the movie seeks permission to publish it on hoardings .But the officials denied the permission claiming it was vulgar .The poster is banned from using for publications and also removed from tube as well. You just take a look at the poster and tell us if you find anything vulgar in this?

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