A shocking question to Sridevi by a journalist

SrideviWe usually see now a days that few journalists ask some annoying questions while interviewing film celebrities. But would you believe, this attitude has been there in the journalists way back from 1980’s and 1990’s too. Just look at this video, in which a lady journalist asking an annoying question to yester year’s glamour queen Sridevi. This happened during the promotion of “Roop ki Rani – Choron ki Raja” way back in the year 1993.

Sridevi was really shocked when the media personality asked her about the ‘Botox’. When she was asked ‘You Take Injections To Keep Yourself Young’, Sri said: “I beg you pardon’. Even after the journo moved to the next question, The Actress kept thinking about the shocking query she was asked before.

And coming to her views on marriage, Interestingly, Sridevi claimed she believes in Arranged Marriage in that interview. However, Rumours did make rounds that she was in a relationship with Mithun Chakraborty and they even got married secretly. After a magazine published their Marriage certificate, Mithun admitted to have married her. After the break-up, Sridevi married Producer Boney Kapoor.

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