A special tribute to Ghantasala

hy29filler_GCD3L46D_820724gNo introduction needed to the name , late Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao,fondly used to be called as Ghantasala Mestaru by everyone in his era. Though he is not with us physically,he lives in his work. His voice is unbeatable by any singer in the world. This legendary singer and music composer had written himself a golden page in the history of Telugu Cinema. Ghantasala is like a family member to every Telugu speaking family across the world.
Many cultural programs being conducted every year on Ghantasala’s name. Several books and research thesis have been published on this mesmerizing luminary so far. And as per the latest buzz, it is learnt that a special telefilm is being made on “Ghantasala” ,which happens to be a complete biography of this ever green singer.
During his era, Ghantasala stood as an inspiration for many singers in and out of the film industry. One of the hardcore fan of Ghantasala, Karri Balaji is making this telefefilm, which is said to be lasting for 45 minutes run time. Noted film producer, KVV Satyanarayana is producing this telefilm, which is said to be aired on small screens on 11th February, which is his death anniversary.

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