Aamir gifts a saree to his girlfriend

Aamir-Khan-Anushka-SharmaIts is needless to say how quick rumours spread in film industry. though most of them doesn’t care, but such rumours might push few celebrities into troubles. And there are few stars on whom no such rumours would raise. Bollywood star hero Aamir Khan is one of such stars,who always stand away from such controversies and affairs with his co-stars. Reason why, every gesture of his gets big attention in media.

Here is some news which tells us how good is this Mr. Perfectionist at heart. As part of their upcoming flick ‘ pk ‘ promotions, Aamir and Anushka Sharma went to Banaras recently. As we all know, Banaras is famously known for Pattu Sarees. Aamir Khan has went to a saree shop and picked a beautiful Pattu saree. Wait wait, its not for his wife Kiran Rao mind you. He gifted that saree to his co-star in ‘ pk ‘ , Anushka Sharma. And this long legged beauty was moved by Aamir’s gesture. And the movie ‘ pk ‘ is slated for a grand release on 19th December.

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