Aamir Khan takes pot shots on AIB Knockout

Aamir-Khan_4We have seen what kind of controversies did AIB Knock out had lead to? Many of them across the country has taken so seriously for the content that the show has in it. The filthy language those participants have used during the show. Recently we have heard Bollywood star hero Salman Khan has warned the host of AIB Karan Johar, for passing cheap comments on his sister Arpita Khan. Here comes another hero, Aamir Khan , who took some pot shots on this Adult show.

Reacting on the YouTube makers All India Backchod’s recent program “Roast” where they have taken insult comedy as centre stage and roasted heroes Ranvir Singh and Arjun Kapoor with best of the insults. Few of them might have enjoyed the show, and both Ranvir and Arjun took it so sportively, but Aamir found it so violent and disgusting. When quizzed about the show, he said, “I’ve not watched the show, but with what I’ve heard I could say that it is violent”.

Known for his sharp comments, Aamir opined that ,such shows are not suited for Indian audiences especially.Does these open criticism result in a ban on the show? Lets wait and see.

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