Ace Comedian cheap comments on Web media!

Srinivas-ReddyComedian Srinivas Reddy made some useless comments on web media , yesterday during A..Aa success meet. He spoled the relations between media and cinema industry . He made vulgar and cheap commenets on website on A.Aa success meet plat form.

‘Our movie is a hit. But, websites are writing different stories. I advise them to buy a ball as shown in our film and get heir stress levels releases. If not the ball in movie, they can press ball at their convenience,’ Srinivas Reddy said at yesterday ‘A… Aa’ movie success meet.

Web media is reacting furiously at his comments. When director Trivikram and producer China Babu have remained silent, why is Srinivas Reddy itching the media on wrong side? If the issue behind his statement pertain to missing of acknowledgements to Yudhdhanapudi Sulochana Rani or Vijaya Nirmala garu in ‘A… Aa’ title cards, definitely Srinivas Reddy was overexcited because he isn’t the right person to react. After all, web media extended a friendly support to ‘A… Aa’ and our share in their success cannot be undermined now.

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