Actress Ashwini And Socialite Sudha Jain Inaugurates Expo- 2017

Hastashilpi – Artisans and weavers welfare Association Organized a 10 -days ‘Silk India Expo-2017’ at Sri Satya sai Nigamagamam, Sri Nagar Colony, Hyderabad. Tollywood Upcoming Actress Ashwini (Hora Hori Movie fame) and City Socialite Sudha Jain formally Inaugurated exposition. “It’s glad to see various apparel, particularly Silk sarees, designer ware products to be showcased in city under one roof’’ said Actress Ashwini.

“Various Silk Sari Weavers, Handloom Clusters and Silk Co-operative Societies showcasing products, The intension of the organization is to make accessible and attain the products directly to the customers, without the mediators to the weavers and artisans’’ said, organizer Abhinand .

The Expo will be on till 14th May 2017.

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