Actress Committed Suicide Due To Husband’s Extramarital Affair!

Actor and singer Bidisha Bezbaruah allegedly committed suicide at her residence in Delhi, yesterday, 17th of July.

According to a local media of Assam, the reason for her death is yet to be confirmed, but according to her family, she was forced to commit suicide. Reports say that there were some problems in her married life.
Bodisha Bezbaruah’s parents were trying to reach the actress for the past one week, and they were not able to reach her. Finally, they lodged an inquiry complaint in a nearby police station in Assam. Police then coordinated with Gurugram police station. When police went to her residence, the main gate and door were locked from inside. They then broke open the door and found the actress hanging from a ceiling fan.

A complaint was then lodged by Bidisha Bezbaruah’s parents. According to the complaint, parents say that their daughter had a love marriage with Nisheet Jha and also stated that she suspected Nisheet to be having an extramarital affair and she had spoken about this to them.

Police who started their investigation on July 18th have arrested husband Nisheet Jha on an abetment of suicide case today. They said that they are interrogating Nisheet Jhan and will soon arrive at the reason behind the suicide.

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