Actress involved in Mani’s Death!

Actress involved in Mani's Death!, Kalabhavan dead History, Kalabhavan murdered, Kalabhavan manis moviesMalayalam actor Kalabhavan Mani’s death investigation team is planning to interrogate a cinema-serial actress. If the reports are to be true, the actress was a frequent visitor in Kalabhavan Mani’s outhouse Padi. Mani’s friendship this actress didn’t go well with his family members, which led into further tensions.

As per the sources, Kalabhavan Mani’s relatives were doubtful about his bonding with the actress, as they were aware about the actor’s illicit relationships. But this was not the major reason for Mani’s rift with family. Mani wanted to keep a distance from his family, after he realised that he is a severe liver cirrhosis patient. However, the actor’s friends refuse to believe this, as it is not a valid reason to stay away from the family.

Earlier, actors Jaffer Idukki and Tharikida Sabu were interrogated by the police, as they had visited Mani on the day before his death. However, later it was revealed that they have are involved with Mani’s death. A new medical team has been appointed to examine the Hyderabad lab report, which will be out within two days. The police team is planning to close the case and submit the charge sheet, within one week.

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