Again He tweets against Pawan fans!

Again He tweets against Pawan fans!, Bye Bye PK fans..!,Bye Bye PK Fans' Will Not Tweet Anything, Bye Bye Pawan Kalyan Fans Says RGV, RGV latest news, RGV New movies, RGV17Contraversial director Ram Gopal Varma gave shock to twitter followers by tweeting good bye to  Pawan Kalyan fans after  rough battle with them over Pawan Kalyan’s recent flick Sardar Gabbar Singh which got  a devided talk.
Knowing RGV well, may felt that he will certainly come back with more vengence. They are proven right as RGV retained his guns on Pawan Kalyan fans.
Here are his tweets
An elevated soul is often mistaken as a frustrated soul by a retarded soul because of his nonsensical sense of essence.
A heated power failure melts a star’s sparkle becos of moon’s retarded heat and not becos of the assumed frustration of the sun’s coldness
I am frustrated with the fans because they are leaving the power of a star and sitting in jungle book theatres..they are Gaddars of Power

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