Ageing dusky siren sizzles in bikini at Goa

BipashaThough her age is running fast, Bollywood’s black beauty Bipasha Basu never looked old . Say its her fitness secret or the confidence that she carries on her face and in her body language, age was never a concern to Bips. Now a days, Bipasaha isn’t in big league of films as none of her films has been successful at the box office in the recent times. Her latest film “Alone” also flopped big time at box office despite the black beauty oozing loads of sex appeal in skimpy outfits, backless exposures and lip kissing. Guess what’s this hottie is doing now.

Bipasha has the habit of going on for a vacation after the completion of every film. Post “Alone” release, Bipasha has chosen Goa to be her spot to relax for a few days .The other day she called it an eternal sunshine on the spotless mind by posting a picture of herself. Much to anyone’s surprise she slipped into a two piece bikini and didn’t hesitate to share it on public platforms. Boy, did we get summer much early with Bip’s sizzling hot pose in a two piece?

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