Agnyaathavaasi To Face The Crisis In Overseas!

Pawan Kalyan-Trivikram’s upcoming Agnyaathavaasi, is all set for a global release on January 10, might just face a challenging situation, according to the team’s press statement.

The statement explains a situation in South Africa, where the theatre distribution and release market is controlled by specific players who decide the valuation and sale pricing of movies.

Given how the country has good reception for Tamil and Telugu films, these players negatively affect the profits from such films by inappropriately pricing them – and that too very low. For instance, a film valued at Rs.10 in other markets is sold for a meagre Rs. 2 in South Africa.

The players also dominate in such a way that it is impossible for other private parties to air films on their own there. Thus, Agnyaathavaasi too might face this crisis, leaving fans all over the world upset.

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