Aishwarya’s come back film shelved?

Aishwarya RaiThis is kind of a disappointing news to the hardcore fans of Aishwarya Rai for sure. Because, most of them are eagerly waiting for the comeback film of Aiswarya Rai since a long time.
We haven’t seen Aishwarya Rai acting in any films in the recent past. Especially after giving birth to a baby,Aish didn’t seem to be showing any interest in acting.

Many admirers of her are still waiting to watch her grand comeback, but her latest looks are sure to pour water on their dreams. There were rumors here and there about Mani Ratnam plans to make a film with Abhi and Aish in the likes of ‘Guru’.

Aishwarya attended Mumbai film festival launch inauguration event in a saree and her chubby mommy looks are hinting her no-comeback-plans!! Though she turned slim and gorgeous during the last Cannes film festival after pregnancy, she is back to her mommy looks now!

So, do we have to wait more for Aiswarya’s film ?

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