Akhil disappointed with Rumours

Akhil disappointed with RumoursAkhil Akkineni was disappointed due to gossips rounging in filmcircles about his second film with mythri movies. He clarified through twitter to vent out his disappointment on the gossips going on atpresent. A few sites reported that Akhil Akkineni’s second motion picture with Mythri Movies was crossed out. Akhil will soon be found in a motion picture that will be coordinated by Vamshi Paidipally and Akkineni Nagarjuna is required to create the film.
“I don’t know where you websites get your info from. My second film was never supposed to be produced under Mytri banner. False info. It would be nice if you confirmed before spreading false info to people. This goes unsaid but I guess it has to be spelled out for you guys.” Akhil posted.

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