Akhil finally came out!

Akhil finally came out,Akhil ,Akhil AkkineniAkhil Akkieni finally came out from the agony that he had with his earlier film ‘Akhil’. For the last eight months , he was delaying by not taking a decision on his second. In between he shocked all by revealing about his love with Shriya Bhoopal and also congratulating co stars for their achievements.
Rumours spread that his next will be with Hanu raghavapudi of Andala Rakshasi and Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha fame. However nothing happened and news started coming out that Akhil is in talks with two top directors and Akhil is planning to star in one of the director’s direction before doing the film with Hanu Raghavapudi.
Under these circumstances, Akhil came with the following tweet much to the delight of movie lovers.Here is the tweet.
“Hi guys ! Been working on a script with @hanurpudi almost done with pre production work. Very excited to finally start shoot soon. More details soon just wanted to update you it’s been way too long but I hope worth the wait ? will connect soon again! Love to all,”.

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