Akhil still in search of his girlfriend?

Akhil-AkkineniYes ,is the talk that we get to hear in film nagar off late. There has been a long search being going on since a long time to get a heroine for Akhil Akkineni’s debut film But director Vinayak hasn’t finalized anyone till date. Rashi Khanna (Oohalu Gusagusalaade) fame was the main contender in the race ,but it looks like Vinayak not showing much interest in her due to her poor performance in ‘Joru’.

Even Nagarjuna also said to be not happy with Rashi khanna’s performance in Joru. Which means,her chances have become almost zero now.

So, it would be interesting now to see whom does Akhil and Vinayak choose now. All young ladies,its a big offer..try anyone of you are interested.

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