Ali bangaya karodpathi?

comedian-ali-bday-2This must be a shocker to many to know that one the ace comedians of the date in Tollywood, Ali, has bought about 100 acres of land recently at Shaadnagar, which falls under Mahabubnagar District.

Getting into the details, comedian-TV host Ali has bought 100 Acres of land in Shadnagar of Hyderabad. Although Shadnagar comes under Mahabubnagar district, recently it has seen humongous development and still there’s a lot of scope. Amid reports that KCR is planning for industrialization across other districts of Telangana, Ali seems to have chosen Shadnagar.

When we tried to get more news of this, few surprising and shocking news have come up. As per the confidential sources, it is learnt that Ali has invested about 40 crore towards those 100 acres on his name. Which means, each acre had cost him one lac literally.

By the way, when did Ali became so rich? By this, you can just imagine how wealthy would top comedian of Tollywood , Brahmanandam would be?

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