Ali comments on Samantha’s Hip

ali-2yur5jhgtdvent5t868npmComedian Ali who is well known for his mark of comedy on screens is also known for his off screen comments on anchors and heroines at audio functions and other events. Recently his comments on anchor Suma in the audio launch of ‘Son of Satyamurthy’ made some news in the media circles as it had a double meaning and it upset Suma.

Suma smartly retaliated to it onstage but she has shared her discomfort with Ali backstage post the event. She has indeed notified Ali not to repeat these kinds of comments in future. Now Ali repeated the same thing, this time on sexy actress Samantha at ‘Son of Satyamurthy’ audio success meet which was held yesterday night at Haailand in Vijayawada.

Ali passed comments on Samantha’s hip and he compared it with Vijayawada’s Benz circle. “Samantha’s glamour is unmatchable. Especially I love the area between here to here (by referring her hip to waist). It looks like Vijayawada’s Benz Circle” commented Ali.

No doubt there are so many who feel the same about Samantha’s hip, but is looks a bit controversial as it said by a star comedian on a public dais. We have to see how Samantha takes these comments by Ali!!

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