Aliya’s vanity van getting huge attention

Alia Bhatt Vanity Van

Due to the huge stardom, most of the actors cannot move so freely on shooting sets. Hence they prefer vanity vans to change their costumes, take some rest in the shot gaps etc. Few star heroes and heroines have their won vanity vans with all the advanced features in it. Recently, Bollywood’s heartthrob Aliya Bhatt too has purchased a Vanity Van and with the help of her friend Amritha, she made it look like a paradise .

In fact, its Aliya’s old vanity van which has been given a brand new look by investing a whopping sum for the modifications to it . Alia is slowly filling the place of Kareena Kapoor in both Yash Raj banner and Dharam productions banner. Currently Alia has half a dozen films in her hand and she is shooting for three movies for now.

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