All young heroes caught at one place

tarun birthday photoFor outside world, film industry is a glittering field which people think there won’t be any problems or any other issues for them. But inside, it won’t be the same. Here, people enjoy the failure of others rather than their own success. Ego and attitude go hand in hand for many in film industry. It is commonly heard that most of the heroes maintain no relation with each other off the screen and silly fights between heroines are pretty common. If you think its the same case with all the young generation heroes too,you are mistaken.

In fact, younger hero generation paved way for a new friendship tradition in the film industry. Now a great friendship batch which is creating waves in Telugu Film Industry.Yesterday hero Tarun arranged a party and many of our young heroes attended the party and shared lighter moments with each other.

To many of their surprise, we can find Akhil, Sharwanand, Allari Naresh, Nani, Prince, Tanish, Samrat, Aryan Rajesh. Senior heroes Venkatesh and Srikanth too attended the bash. Isn’t it so good to see all of them having such affection, respect on each other?

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