Allari Naresh feels “Bandhipotu” a turning point

Allari-Naresh-Indraganti Mohana Krishna is one of the finest film makers who chooses simple and clean subjects all the time. “Ashta Chemma”, “Golconda High School”, ” Anthakumundu – Aataruvatha” are few of his films which reflects the taste of this talented director. It is already learnt that Allari Naresh has teamed up with Indraganti Mohana Krishna for a comedy entertainer titled Bandipotu. The audio which was released recently has been getting decent reviews.

Allari Naresh himself is producing the movie on his EVV Cinema banner. He pinned all his hopes on this project, as it is a must for Allari Naresh to score a hit at any cost this time. While speaking to media the other day, Allari Naresh has shown his confidence in “Bandhipotu”, saying that it would become a turning point in his career. .

Known for his feel good kind of movies, Indraganti Mohana Krishna is trying something different for the first time. Moving away a little bit from his regular romantic entertainers genre,this time Mohana Krishna is coming up with an out and out comedy caper. Let us see how good he takes his “Bandhipotu” into public.

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