Allu Arjun fake votes deleted

Allu ArjunSouth Indian International Movie Awards- Siima annouced the Nominees for the awards . Big Actors like Mahesh, Allu Arjun,Prabhas have been nominated for best actor award. A panel of Judges from the film industries will select the winner and the audiences can also have chance to decide the winner by voting online in SIIMA official website.

The competition was mainly between Prabhas and Mahesh since the poll goes live. Mahesh and Prabhas competing almost similar votes percentage but yesterday night there is sudden hike in vote percentage for stylish star Allu Arjun. It obviously pushed down Mahesh and Prabhas all of a sudden.

Fans got shocked after witnessing the sudden hike in Bunny’s vote percentage. Doubtful about the votes, SIIMA cross checked and have learnt that about 30,000 votes were fake and deleted from the site. Now again the contest is open between Mahesh and Prabhas.

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