Allu Arjun in bigger than pawan!

Allu Arjun in bigger than pawan!Contraversial director Ram Gopal Varma’s irritates Power Star Pawan Kalyan and his fans is not . He is not leaving any opportunity to haunt  Pawan Kalyan and his fans for ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ failure.
This time he fired from  based on Allu Arjun’s ‘Sarrainodu’ performed better than ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’.
On social media he came with the following tweets.
“Since Sarainodu is a far far bigger hit than a far far bigger Sardar Gabbar Singh is Bunny far far bigger?..just asking”
“I never thought anything about Bunny compared to him but am so very surprised that with Sarainodu he became so much bigger than him (sic)”

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