Allu Arjun satire on His wife!

Allu Arjun satire on His wife,Allu Arjun satire on Sneha Reddy,Allu Arjun Stylish star Allu Arjun talked the other day about his brother Allu Sirish’s latest release “Srirastu Subamastu” movie.
While talkeing Bunny said his wife Sneha Reddy likes the heroine Lavanya Tripathi, who played Sirish’s lover in this film, Bunny shared  interesting things.  “Generally my wife doesn’t likes any heroines at all. But she liked Lavanya Tripathi immensely. I thought that Lavanya is so cute so she liked her. Maybe it’s also the fact that Lavanya didn’t acted with me so my wife like her” said Bunny, pushing the whole auditorium into laughs.

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