Allu Sirish gets Huge gift from his dad!

allu-sirishBuying most expensive cars by film stars is very common. One way it is status and another way, it is a passion to have exotic cars. Some will present cars when stars got success with films too.
Here, one young actor got a spanking four-wheeler. He is none other Allu Sirish who tasted success recently with Srirastu Subhamastu produced by Allu Arvind. Going into details,
Allu Arvind has presented his son a new costly Audi Q7 to Sirish. Surely, it is the happiest moment for the actor. His new car will become a cynosure in the film industry now. Currently, he is talking with young director VI Anand and probably, it might hit the floors by end of the November.
Please look at the pic of Allu Arvind’s presentation to his son…

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