Alludu Seenu Review:Out and out action entertainer

Alludu_Seenu_reviewMovie Name: Alludu Seenu
Genre : Love, Action, Entertainer
Banner : Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Director : V. V. Vinayak
Producer : Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu
Starring : Bellamkonda Sreenivas,Samantha,Brahmanandam,Prakash Raj and others.
Cinematography : Chota K Naidu ISC
Editing : Gowtamraju
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Yet another star producer’s kid Bellamkonda Srinivas,s/o Bellamkonda Suresh has finally made his debut into Tollywood in and as “Alludu Seenu” in a grand manner. There have been huge expectations on “Alludu Seenu” since the movie is announced. Let us see if Bellamkonda Sreenivas as “Alludu Seenu”has reached audience’s expectations.


Story opens up with Alludu Seenu (Bellamkonda Sreenivas) playing Kabaddi with his money lenders all alone. He wins the game but cheats all the money lenders after winning the prize money and absconds to Chennai along with his uncle Narasimha(Prakaj Raj) . During the journey,they land in Hyderabad by mistake. Later,they both get deceived by few people.

One fine day Seenu happens to see Anjali (Samantha) and eventually falls in love with her. When the love starts growing thicker between them, Seenu happens to see Bhai,a local don in Hyderabad who resembles exactly like his uncle.He then gets an idea of capitalizing his uncle’s resemblance to Bhai and starts minting money by making settlements on his name.

Later , after knowing about Seenu-Anjali’s relation, Bhai decides to move Anjali to Sharjah and plans to get her married with his mafia partner Pradeep Ravat’s son. Knowing that, Seenu also moves to Sharjah along with his gang. What he does there to win back his love?How does he sort out the conflicts with Bhai forms the rest of the story.


Director Vinayak has chosen a simple story line that is stuffed with routine mass and commercial elements to make sure its a perfect launch pad for any debutante . “Alludu Seenu” has it all and stands out as an out and out action entertainer. Bellamkonda Sreenivas can’t ask for anything better than this,say the filmy buffs. Roping in the sexiest Samantha,and choosing Devisriprasad for music itself shows how carefully planned project is “Alludu Seenu”.

One can say blindly that this is a dream debut for any star kid like Bellamkonda Srinivas. Undoubtedly this movie reaches to all the section of audiences and run successfully for the coming five to six weeks successfully.


Bellamkonda Sreenivas,the debutante who was trained well for his dance moves and fights,he has shown some grace in songs and action sequences . Though he needs to improve a lot in acting and his diction, Sreenivas managed well to grab the attention of the audience including mass and class well.

Samantha, as usually sizzled well in her glamour attires ,especially in songs. Though she didn’t have any scope to perform more, she did a decent job within her limits .

Prakash Raj as Bhai and Narasimha did a decent job ,though its a tailor made role as don which he played in number of films earlier.

Last but not the least, Brahmanandam as Dimple has stolen the show as usually,who has tickled enough till the end. Though his track resembles to many of his roles that he did in Ready,Adhurs etc, he still did a fair job.

Rest all have played their roles well.

Techincal Aspects:

Naturally, its Vinayak who gets the credit for delivering yet another mass masala action entertainer. He took lots of care to show Sreenivas at his best in “Alludu Seenu”.

– Devisri Prasad’s music is the biggest asset to the film,which makes the audience to shake their legs for his peppy numbers like the title song and a special song with milky beauty Tamannah’s song. Even his background scores also have elevated the mood of the film higher.

-Production values of the film should be appreciated. Bellamkonda Suresh has not at all compromised in anything. Sets that were erected for the first song shows that all.


– Sreenivas’s dances and fights.
-Samantha’s glamour
-Prakash Raj Performances in dual roles.
-Brahmanandam’s comedy


Slow second half
Sreenivas’s diction

Final Verdict:

Out and out action entertainer. Watch it with family.You won’t get bored at all,as Brahmanandam’s track as Dimple itself worth your ticket’s cost.