Amalpaul-Vijay Divorce:: Husband opens up on rumours

Amalpaul-Vijay Divorce:: Husband opens up on rumoursThe recent news of Amala Paul and AL Vijay splitting shocked thef ilm Industry. The couple had been dating for three years before they got married. Earlier compatibility and lifestyle issues were cited as the reason for the split, but turns out a third party was involved – AL Vijay’s parents. They were reportedly against Amala working after marriage but her decision to work despite Vijay’s parent’s disapproval may have been major reason. Vijay’s father even went onto say that he supported his son’s decision to separate form her. But is there another side to this split?

A family friend of the couple told a leading daily that Amala was constantly being harassed by Vijay’s parents and it had come to a point where she couldn’t take it anymore.

So, was the couple forced to take this decision because of Vijay’s parent’s interference? Amid all these speculations and rumours, Amalapaul Husband clarified on this issue stating that he doen’t want to comment on that and also said the reason for separation is known to him and his wife Amalapaul only.He also said that he and his family never stopped Amala from work.

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