Amy revealed her special man

amy-jackson-at-nelly-swimwear-lingerie-september-2014_1Shankar’s I Heroine Amy Jackson recently admitted that she finds a special man in her life. She even shared a photo surrounded with bouquets of red roses and captioned “beautiful surprise from my man. Miss you”. Scribes after investigation found that the man is George, Panayiotou, multi millionnaire play boy. He is the son of Andreas Panayiotou, Greet Cypriot tycoon of the UK based firm, The Ability Group. Amy refers to him as gp and he runs Swish Play Ground club, part of the Liverpool Hilton Complex in Albert Docks area. Noone is clear how both met but Amy herself comes from Liverpool. GP had a dark past and he was in legal trouble for brutally attacking two off duty cops after X’ Mas party in 2014.

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