‘Anando Brahma’ – A Tale Told : Mahi V Raghav

It took me three years to come back and tell you a story. But trust me; I have been narrating
this tale to myself, every single day, for the last three years. There’s no greater joy than
waking up to the uncertainty of starting with a blank page, a pencil and a cup of coffee, with
my head phones on and getting lost, trying to find a story that wants to find a voice too.
‘Paathshala’ shook me to the core, it did take me down for 5 days but by the sixth day, I was
back to writing another story, hoping I would get another opportunity to narrate it.
This definitely could not have happened without the support of Vijay Chilla and Shashi
Devireddy – my producers. My story would’ve been lost, left in a well-bound book without
them. Thank you for the trust you have shown and the opportunity you have provided me
with. I will always be grateful for it. Vijay, you have been an incredible producer and a
friend, as passionate about filmmaking as I am. I truly hope we have more stories to tell and
more opportunities to work together in the future.
Taapsee Pannu, I just have two words for you – “THANK YOU” You have been way too
generous and nice to me. You are incredible as a human being and I have never met anyone
like you in the 10 years of my career (Film making). If I ever go to war, I would want you by
my side. You are and always will be my favourite person to work with.
Srinivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore, Ramesh, Shankar, Rajeev Kanakala – a big thank you to you
all. The characters you have played would not have come alive without you. Much better
than what’s been written.
And last but not the least; the story would’ve been incomplete without my crew – Shravan
(Editor), K Sachin and Hariharan, Kannan and Anish (DOP). Rakesh mahankali for the
unconditional support. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart; it was a joy
collaborating with you to tell this tale.
The story of ‘Anando Brahma’ has officially been told and I have to let go, no matter how
much I love it. In a few hours from now, the story will be out in the world, for the audience
to love or hate it. I feel anxious, but there’s no fear anymore, because we have done
everything we could. Despite its success or failure, whatever the result might be, I will be
out there again in a few days with a blank page, a pencil and a cup of coffee, with my head
phones on, in search of another story to tell.

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