Anirudh In Awe Of Response To ‘Baitikochi Chuste’

On Trivikram Srinivas Birthday, the makers of PSPK#25 propelled the verse video of the melody “Bayatakochi Chusthe”. The common audiences and the music lovers sat tight for the release and finally had smiles on their faces after listening to the tune. It is needless to say that the tune has awed everybody. There is a positive criticism for the melody all around and it is like an addiction that people are keeping it on loop.

Anirudh’s is making his Tollywood debut with PSPK 25. The first single track ‘Baitikochi Chuste’ has crossed 1 million views in less than 8 hours. ‘Rockstar’ Anirudh thanks his followers for the response and said it is “a warm welcome into Tollywood 🙏🙏”

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