Anjali Is In Relationship With Tamil Hero!

Telugu girl Anjali is in relationship with Tamil hero Jai? The duo have been enjoying an on and off love relationship for the past four years. But now both of them are said to be living together as couple.

Now proof about their affair has come out in the open with Jai posting a picture of both of them staying in same apartment on social media.Recently, a Kollywood director challenged Jai to prepare dosa for his loved ones and post the pic. This is part of promotion of Jyothika’s new film.

Jai posted that he prepared dosa at his home for his “friend” Anjali. He posted her photograph too. This has confirmed that they are living together.Anjali and Jai have acted together in “Journey”. Though they dated each other briefly after the success of “Journey”, she ran into problems with her aunt. Then rumors came that she secretly married a NRI doctor.

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