Another artist caught in prostitution

actress in sex rocketNo matter how many of them got arrested earlier, how cheap they become once they are caught, still the prostitution by few artistes is going on and on. We haven’t forgotten the issue of Swetha Basu Prasad, a young heroine who was caught for doing prostitution few months back. Here is yet another junior artiste who was caught in the midnight in an apartment at Mothinagar Hyderabad.

Police arrested junior artist Swathi along with many others and shifted them to SR Nagar Police Station. They slapped cases of prostitution against them. Police foundout that Swathi is a TV artist who featured in popular TV serial Kumkuma Puvvu.

This shocking incident has created ripples in Mothinagar area. Locals there allege that such incidents are happening quite often in mothinagar surroundings.They allege that apartment owners became so greedy and renting their flats to such people knowingly for higher rents. Hence they demand to arrest the apartment owners too.

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