Another costliest divorce settlement case

07-1404715392-01-pawan-renu1In India, its been a quite common thing since ages that few top businessmen marry beautiful and fading out heroines. And also its quite common that most of those marriages wont’t last forever and their relation leads to divorce. On that front, we have seen a few costliest divorce settlements so far. Few heroines have demanded a bomb as alimony while divorce being taken. Most recently, Renu Desai has rubbished that she got paid 40 crores from Pawan Kalyan as part of divorce settlement, while Suzanne and Hrithik have earlier condemned separately that their divorce included a 400 crore settlement.

And here is yet another beautiful ex heroine Lizy joins the list. This beautiful heroine of yesteryears has married noted director Priyadarshan few years back. And a news came out recently that Lizy has filed for divorce in family court based at Chennai along with a demand of thumping 80 crore as alimony. Both Priyadarshan and Lizy have condemned the rumours of their divorce on a few occasions too,but finally here comes the confidential news out.

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