Anushka runs into trouble with the BMC!

According to reports, K-West Ward of the Brihanmumbai Mumbai Corporation has served a notice to actress Anushka Sharma after her neighbour alleged that an electric junction box had been illegally installed on her floor in Badrinath Tower in Versova, Mumbai. The neighbour reportedly revealed that the actress had been asked to remove the box.

Anushka Sharma owns the entire 20th floor in Badrinath Tower (Versova, Mumbai) and has been happily living in the society since quite a few years. However, according to a report in Mumbai Mirror, she has been accused of illegally installing an electric junction box on her floor by her neighbour. Sunil Batra recently filed a complaint at the BMC and in his complaint he also added that the Sharmas had flouted several other laws in the society. While the BMC has inspected the installation and written back to recently wrote to Anushka about it, the actress’ spokesperson revealed that these allegations were baseless and the electric junction box was installed only after all permissions were in place.

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