AR Rahman Was Not Completely Sure Of Doing Partition 1947

Partition 1947 audio launch took place on 4th June. Speaking at the event, director Gurinder Chadha said, “AR Rahman was not completely sure of doing Partition 1947 and he came on board only after I showed him a cut of the film.

Given the subject matter and the fact that it is a western and an Indian movie… for me, there was just one choice, Mr. AR Rahman. So I approached him, but he was quite reticent and was not entirely sure of doing a film on Partition, understandably.

But I kept on persuading him. Then I met him in Los Angeles and showed him a cut of the film. We sat in his house and watched the cut. And after the cut, he was extremely happy to come on board because he felt that the message of the film was that of reconciliation, a very human film, full of humanity and also very spiritual

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