Arvind Swami Is Still Angry On Me -Maniratnam

Military warns Ace Director,Mani Rathnam,Military warns Mani RatnamActor Arvind Swami, who is having a dream run in Tollywood after the stupendous success of his Siddharth Abhimanyu character in Dhruva, was first introduced by Mani Ratnam in his film Thalapathi.

During a recent interaction with him, when asked if he had seen Siddharth Abhimanyu’s character in Thani Oruvan, the legendary director replied, “No. I haven’t seen the film. Arvind Swami is still angry with me that I didn’t see the movie (laughing). I missed the film in theatres when it released. Should watch it on DVD soon, when the right time comes.”

Mani Ratnam also strongly denied the rumors that his next film will be a gangster film on the lines of Thalapathi.

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