B-town top Lyricist suffers a huge loss

3369_saThere can’t be anything worst than this for an elderly parent. As per the sources, it is learnt that renowned Bollywood lyricist Santosh Anand was shattered as his son Sankalp and daughter-in-law committed suicide by jumping in front of a running train in Mathura of UP, a few Kms from New Delhi. The couple’s 5-yr-old daughter was also with them but fortunately pushed back during the incident and survived with severe injuries. The couple drove to Mathura on their own car up to Mathura where they took this drastic step. Cops have found a 11-page suicide note in Sankalp’s car which was more shocking.

Sankalp was working with the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science as a lecturer. In his suicide note, Sankalp pin the blame on authorities of the institute and alleged them for “eating out” money. This is not all. Santosh alleged that they were in turn “threatening” him to implicate him in “false” cases. Since the institute comes under the Home Ministry, the MHA has ordered an inquiry. However, the relatives of Sankalp are now demanding a CBI inquiry into the whole issue.

Meanwhile, lyricist Santosh Anand is devastated. “I’ve lost my son. I’m devastated. I’ve nothing to live for,” says the man whose songs in films like Kranti, Shor and Prem Rog moved the nation to tears. Sankalp is survived by his ailing father, mother, sisters and his 5-yr-old daughter.

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