“Baahubali” as just one part?

BaahubaliAs the Shanker – Vikram’s magnum opus ” I ” bombed big time at the box office, speculations started coming out that the result of ” I ” have changed Rajamouli’s mind and made him release his magnum opus “Baahubali” in one part rather than in two. One would wonder why such speculations pop out of now where. Here are the few reasons for it,by few gossip mongers. When a big budget movie with high brand stars is on the anvil, such speculations and viewpoints are more. This is the situation right now with the magnum opus ‘Bahubali’.

After witnessing the dismal performance of ‘I’, ‘Bahubali’s director S S Rajamouli is contemplating on making it as only one part film. Apparently, ‘Bahubali’ is coming in two parts and the first part is due for release during Summer 2015.

As well know that either for a big or low budgeted films, content is the key factor that decides the fate of the movie. And in that regards, Tollywood’s top director Rajamouli never failed so far. He knows the pulse of the audience than any one else. So lets not worry too much about “Baahubali” . What say folks?

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