“Baahubali” has special protection force now

bahubali-fan-made-poster_140505650100Do you have any idea what this “Baahubali” protection force is all about?
This is something interesting ,which never happened before for any movie in Tollywood, may be in India too. Well, coming to the news, Magnum Opus Baahubali is leaving no stone unturned to make it big at box office. The only trouble for the film at the moment is piracy. As a heavy investment is at stake with this movie, probably piracy needs to be tackled very in advance. Otherwise it may eat up film’s revenues at theatres.

“We are coming up with special Baahubali on-line team that tackles with piracy. If a link surfaces on torrent websites, immediately they will deal with it. We are trying to get a court order to make torrent websites liable for any piracy. So, there is no way of watching it in piracy”, said producer Shobu Yarlagadda.

It would be great if producers of “Baahubali” can really prevent this deadly piracy makers,and lay a path to the other producers of the industry .

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