Baahubali Is Like a Blue Print Says Shahrukh

Baahubali Is Like a Blue Print Says ShahrukhMost of the celebrities heaped praises on Baahubali. Bollywood stars Amir Khan and Salman Khan showered praises on the film. Sharukh Khan who remained silent for quite some time speaking to scribes came with sensational statements on Baahubali. Replying to a question on his Tollywood debut he said  ‘I don’t wish to divide cinema as north or south. In India, we have 23 official languages and 1,600 unofficial ones. Whichever language it might be, We need to treat it as Indian Cinema. I do films irrespective of the language. Last year, I had seen Baahubali which is like a blue print for a wonderful film. The whole team worked for 2-3 years for that project. Who wouldn’t wish to be part of such a visual wonder? But, I have my own limitations and hence skipping other language films’.

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