“Baahubali” leaks has a revenge story behind?

Bahubali Prabhas New Poster (3)This might sound little weird but as per the latest news, it is learnt that there is a revenge story behind the leakage of “Baahubali”. Who has revenge on whom? Lets check out the story . We all know that there were few scenes that were leaked out of “Baahubali” movie few days back, and the cyber crime police have instantly reacted and caught the culprit . It is already learnt that ex – employee of “Makuta” vfx studios, Varma, was behind this 13 minute Baahubali video clip leakage. And now here comes few shocking news regarding this mess.

As per the latest buzz , Varma leaked the scenes from Baahubali , to take revenge on his Company management. Varma revealed that Makuta top management always insulted him and he was waiting for the right opportunity to tarnish the image. Varma recently left the company.

During their investigation, cyber crime police found that Varma stole the scenes during post production and he shared it with his friends through WhatsApp and Facebook. It is coming out another person who played key role in the leaks is still absconding. Earlier Pawan Kalyan’s Attarintiki Daaredi’s entire first half was leaked and the film turned out to be blockbuster. So, will that sentiment work out for “Baahubali” too and gets the same result? Let’ wait and see.

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