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CineForest Rating: 4.75/5

 Rajamouli and his crew delivered a classic film with a magnificent performance form the lead characters Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah, Anushka Shetty, Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj, Sudeep, Adivi Sesh, Nassar, Prabhakar.Every frame,every scene, every sequence of Bahubali is an extraordinary.
apherald Rating: 4.0/5
While the world sits up in anticipation of S S Rajamouli’s ambitious, 160 odd crore period — drama, it’s got to be said that Baahubali is a film of queer contradictions. Technically, it blasts open the hypotheses of cinema and goes where few have attained earlier. There is enough here that will excite and beatify fans.
Filmcircle Rating: 4.0/5
Baahubali is NOT TO BE MISSED. Today, you may call it a BOX-OFFICE BLOCKBUSTER. Tomorrow, it will be remembered as a CLASSIC.This will stand as classics beside Paathalabhairavi, Maayabazaar.
Tollywoodandhra Rating:3.75/5
To begin with, Baahubali has got visual wonder. Audience can witness a graphical extravaganza and Rajamouli has raised the standards of filmmaking in India. Baahubali is said to be the first Indian motion picture and Rajamouli has lived up to the expectations.
TeluguOne Rating: 3.75/5
Baahubali will be extremely liked for its magnificent look, but will disappoint due to simple ending. The end is not so intriguing like that of a Lord of Rings or Hobbit films to wait for years for the next. Otherwise, Rajamouli has upped the bar of Indian graphics and war films, as he has almost matched the quality to Hollywood standards.
123Telugu Rating: 3.75/5
On the whole, Baahubali is one film which every Indian movie lover can be extremely proud off. Right from the word go, this visual extravaganza treats you to some never before seen elements in Indian films. Prabhas’s stunning avatar as Baahubali, brilliant art work to some eye topping visuals effects, this film has it all. Genius director Rajamouli, should be lauded and supported for his dedication in taking Telugu cinema to the next level. Finally, if you ignore the predictable story line and keep your expectations in check, Baahubali is bound to entertain you big time
OneIndiaRating: 3.5/5
Baahubali is a must watch for its grandeur and is definitely a movie to experience in theaters. However, in case of story telling it has nothing to offer as it has a beaten to death revenge drama as it’s plot. The movie has its share of moments but the problem comes when you wish to watch a Epic from Rajamouli. So folks, set your minds free and fall in love with Baahubali.
NowRunning Rating:3.5/5
Baahubali has its flaws but still remains to be a classical wonder. The hard work of the team is visible in every frame, every one tried their level best to transform Rajamouli’s dream in to reality. The two parts release seem to have a negative effect on the ace director at the end. But still the movie is watchable
CinejoshRating: 3.0/5
Commercially, ‘Bahubali’ is all set to open for thunder storms at ticket counters. How far and how long will war episodes alone save this film has to be wait and seen. For more precision into the whole story of ‘Bahubali,’ be optimistic on Rajamouli to kickstart ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ because he left many threads open in this exhaustive first part.

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