‘Baahubali’ run time locked

baahubali driveThe master copy of ‘Baahuabli’ has come out. This gave an opportunity for the makers to handover the drives to all the locations at least 2-3 days in advance. As a result, Distributors were able to plan the shows in a proper manner even though its a humongous release.
Team Baahubali anncounced thru social net working site that”‪#‎Baahubali‬ drives reached and the total runtime 2:39:47 secs ‪#‎JaiMahishmathi‬”

The above shown picture is one of the Drives of ‘Baahubali’ which reached USA few hours ago. With a run time of 2 hr 39 min 47 sec, This movie is a feast for eyes from the start to finish. Don’t encourage Piracy, watch it in the best theaters available!

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