Baahubali2 is a Dinosaur..!

Contraversial Director Ram Gopal Varma on twitter troll has slammed Telugu, Hindi and Tamil films and its makers, on today. Recently he tweeted as, all other directors in Tollywood except Rajamouli are serial directors and they need to learn from this Baahubali director how to make films.

Now, Within few hours of this much hyped film release he made sensational comments on the film by degrading all other Telugu, Hindi and Tamil films.

Here are his tweets which will make other directors ashamed….

“I just heard all film makers in Hindi,Tamil and Telugu have plugged their ears with cotton to escape the thunderous roar of BB2.”

“When a elephant like film comes, other film making dogs bark ..But #Baahubali2 being a Dinosaur ,dogs, tigers nd lions also gone into hiding”

Finally he touched the fans of all heroes saying that they are jealous over Prabhas glory with Baahubali. He tweeted as, “ Is it not true that I did not hear that fans of all other heroes went deep into underground jealous to see the glory of Prabhas’s fans?”.

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