Balakrishna fires on Media!

balayya-special-prayers-for-sri-rama-rajyam-9ae8486fHero Balakrishna finds fault with Media. The other day he has fired the media . Going into the details, Balakrishna unveiled the statue of Sr NTR in Vizag yesterday, the April 19th.

He fired the media saying “Who said there is clash between Jr NTR and me? We are okay and share good relationship between us, there is no need of saying answers to all your questions”.

Now, this situation reminds us his famous dialogue from Srimannarayana movie “Don’t trouble the trouble. If you trouble the trouble…trouble troubles you. I am not the trouble…I am the truth”.

It may be noted here that Balakrishna made some sensational comments on someone at the Lion audio launch. It means he is angry on someone and it is sure that if he irked with the comments of media, he will definitely use these dialogues off-screen also.

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